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30 August 2007 @ 06:51 pm
beginning to get to me {Jared/Zooey}  
Title: beginning to get to me
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Real Person Fiction
Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Zooey Deschanel
Word Count: 1324
Warnings: Graphic sex.
Disclaimer: I don't own 'em.
Summary: Jared and Zooey have some fun before Alona gets home.
Notes: CJ, I don't know what you're doing to my head, but... I think I might like it. ;)


Jared's lips were soft. A nice contrast in comparison with the rest of his physique; abs rock hard under her soft fingers and hard-on pushing against her stomach through his jeans. She had to get up on her tip-toes just to kiss him, meeting his hunched over form halfway.

He was big, Texas grown, but it didn't matter. She liked 'em big.

Her stomach fluttered when he lifted her onto the table. Did a somersault when he growled against her mouth. Not that this was anything new; they'd already had these little adventures on the couch, the living room floor, the bathroom. What made this so exciting was that her roommate was due home any minute and there they were, half naked and bent over the kitchen table. She almost hoped they would get caught.

Straining to reach for the can of whip cream proved harder than it should have been, but Jared's teeth against her throat was a welcome obstacle. Pushing up to a sitting position, she held up the can and waved it suggestively. The sight of those big dimples as his face turned into a grin lit her heart on fire.

Or maybe that was her pants.

He took the can from her and put a hefty amount in his mouth. Making a sound of delight (more like a low growl), he said, "God, this tastes so good."

Yep, definitely her pants.

Taking the can back, she smeared the cream across his chest, licking the excess off her fingers. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her lips against his and mumbling, "I've been thinking about this all day."

Kissing his lips, throat, shoulder, she finally reached his chest. Flashing him a bright smile, she swiped her tongue through the fluffy white mess, taking extra care as she went across his nipple, flicking her tongue and making him shudder.

Tiny, little Zooey made big, bad Jared tremble. A laugh escaped her at that thought.

"What's so funny?" His chest rumbled against her mouth.


He tilted her head up with one finger under her chin. "I'll bet."

Zooey just smirked and kissed him, leaving smudges of cream on his face. He kissed the tip of her nose, wiping off the stray cream.

"Lay back."

She did as commanded, bare back hitting the cool table. It felt colder than it really was against her heated skin, but it didn't phase her.

"Up," Jared barked, undoing the fastenings on her jeans as she lifted her hips so he could tear them away. She grinned when he found the surprise she was hiding from him.

He didn't say anything, just chuckled, eyes glued to bold blue lettering that read Team Padalecki across the front of her underwear. She noticed the child-like glint in his eyes, even though what he did next was far from innocent.

He bent down, breath moistening her skin along the waistband of the thong, though not quite as moist as things were getting under it. His teeth latched onto the fabric and one hand, palm flat against her back, held her up high enough that he could pull them down. Her skin tingled when his breath breezed over it.

Eyes closed, she laid back and waited for his next move. They fluttered open when she felt him adding the fluffy cream down there. The look in his eyes told her to sit back, trust him, he wouldn't do anything she wasn't comfortable with.

She took a deep breath as he lifted one leg and draped it over his shoulder, leaving her wide open and so wet with want that it took everything in her to keep from pushing him forward. When his tongue dipped down into her folds, lapping up the mess he made and making sure he didn't leave anything behind, she stopped herself from bucking into him. Didn't want to come off as over-eager, though she was pretty sure he already had that figured out.

She writhed as he beat around the bush, gave extra attention to everything but the one spot she wanted it most. Her heel dug into his back with each pass of his tongue. He ghosted over her clit and she squeaked, cheeks immediately turning red at the outburst. All was forgotten when his lips brushed over her, kissing and licking and breathing and fuck, he made that low moaning sound that made her ovaries burst into flame and it was all over way too quickly.

Before she could catch her breath, make her vision clear, even think of returning the favor, he scooped her up and swung her over his shoulder.

She wanted to protest, wanted to ask what the hell he was doing, but she just didn't care.

Her feet hit the floor after he toted her off to the bathroom.

"Time to get you cleaned up," he said, oversized hands cupping her breasts under her bra, rolling her nipples hard against his palms before reaching behind and undoing the clasp, letting it fall to the floor.

Her hair was all mussed up and her legs had turned to jelly. She could use a good cleaning up, but she was pretty sure that clean was far from what they would be after this.

Jared dropped his pants, stepping out of them and walking closer to her, backing her into the shower. She palmed him through his boxers, itching to reach underneath and stroke him long and slow until he came hard and fast into her hand. He stopped her, wiggling out of his remaining clothes and stepping in, pressing her wrist against the shower wall and turning the water on.

He kissed her hard, hair matted against his forehead. Zooey yelped.

Noise. Outside the door.

Alona was home.


Jared just held her tighter, one hand holding her wrist hostage and the other planted firmly over her mouth. A challenge. She knew what he had in mind and her arousal was back hotter than before.

He let go of her arm but his other hand remained in place, reminding her to keep quiet. She hopped up and wrapped her legs around his waist, back pressed tight against the wall as he guided himself in. He pushed as deep as he could and pulled out only to repeat the process slower the second time around.

He toyed with her, made her want to scream with each thrust and she almost did when he pressed his thumb hard against her clit. His breathing was as erratic as hers as he thrust harder. She whimpered, teeth digging into the palm of his hand as he pushed her over the edge. She rode out her climax until he grunted and shuddered.

They stood there, letting the water wash away the sweat and stickiness, chests heaving against each other. Jared switched the water off and Zooey grabbed a towel, wiping down and stepping out together. Jared hugged her close, chin on top of her head, and she felt like standing there in his protective embrace forever until the knock at the door broke up the moment.

Jared jumped behind the door as it started to open and Zooey wrapped the towel tighter around herself.

"Everything okay in here? I thought I heard weird noises," Alona peeked around the door.

"Yeah, s'fine," Zooey answered, awkwardly glancing at Jared huddled between the door and the wall.

Alona started to leave but added, "Oh, and Jensen stopped by with some movies. You're welcome to join us if you want."

"Nah, I think I'm in for an early night."

Alona nodded and disappeared. As soon as the door clicked shut, Jared stepped back out, relieved.

Zooey grinned. "Looks like we've got the rest of the night to ourselves."

vylentcrymz on August 30th, 2007 11:04 pm (UTC)
I loooooove you! And I love what I'm doing to your brain, because there should be much, much more of this. Much more. Tons of it. You should write nothing but Jay-Z. Alright, you should throw in some D/J and J/A occasionally, but the rest? JAY-Z, BABYMOMMA!

I'm totally pimping this out to everyone ever.
amus: tih - devon/priestly b&wdyinganthem on September 1st, 2007 02:35 am (UTC)
I loooooooove you too! And I'm thinking of doing a prompts post here soon, so you can keep doing whatever it is that you're doing to my brain and get more Jay-Z fics out of it. ;)

Heeee! You have no idea how excited I am that you liked this, because I was so worried that it would suck. But since you demand more, guess that's a good sign. =D


I am at your command, oh great and wise babymomma!
all naked and drunk on heart and lazy: person | jay-z; love me morethisisironic on August 30th, 2007 11:07 pm (UTC)



amusdyinganthem on September 1st, 2007 02:41 am (UTC)
I take absolutely no pride in murdering my friend's friend. Nope. None.


Okay, maybe just a little.


Fiiiine, it makes me insanely happy on the inside! But there's more where this came from, so you can't die yet. ;)